How we work.

We all want to work in an environment that is successful, fun and fair. At Phare Practice we can help you achieve that. We will help you to align your people processes and culture to ensure that you are getting the best from your staff and they are getting the best from you.

Phare want to help you to bring greater focus and direction to your organisational strategy and development through objective input and advice, drawing on psychological research and models to support that development and growth, in the best way for your organisation.

Phare will work with you to create sustainable change through the development of your people; all of them, so that they are inspired to live your values, creating a culture that empowers your people to do their best work.

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Services we offer


I can help you to create and establish:

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    Organisational Development Strategies;

    Working with you to align your people, processes and programmes to gain maximum output and relevance to your organisations objectives, to its direction of travel. Ensuring you develop your people in the smartest way possible.

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    People Strategies;

    Aligned directly with the business/operational strategy, People strategies focus on finding the right combination and type of people and the level of performance required to succeed, helping you to understand and plan the investment in talent and the programs to manage them.

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    Culture, Values and Engagement;

    helping you to get the best from your work environment, supporting you to create and establish a climate and practices fit for your purpose, that work where you need them to. Creating something that really establishes who you are and ensuring that your employer brand is recognisable across the entire business.


Helping you to develop your people through:

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    helping you to identify the right leadership, team and individual development for your organisation. Helping you to build and sustain great and effective teams right across you organisation, including Talent Management and Succession planning.

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    Workforce Knowledge;

    supporting you to better understand your workforce, where they come from, how you attract them and how you can retain them, achieving this through workforce reviews, mapping and planning.

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    Team and Individual Diagnostics;

    Undertake a range of diagnostics to help you establish a sense of your people are; through for example, MBTI, 360-degree, R2 Strengths Profiler, development plans, team facilitation, Board Development, Lay member/Non-Executive development. And, help you gain an understanding of your peoples wellbeing, building resilience across all levels of your organisation and ensuring these align to the needs of the business.


Supporting you and your processes to achieve the right outcomes:

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    as an ACAS trained mediator I can support you when an independent, confidential process is necessary to resolve disputes and manage conflict at the early stages.

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    Coaching and Facilitation;

    from small groups to large; teams, departments and entire workforces, I can provide support through facilitation of events and meetings, and/or Group Coaching sessions.

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    providing a confidential and thorough process to investigate workplace incidents, conflicts (when mediation is not appropriate) and as part of your overall policy approach.