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Speaking and Sharing.

Liza Walter-Nelson presented in the Leadership Stream at this years 5th Annual Congress of the Special Group in Coaching Psychology on December 10th, 2015. She discussed her experiences working with executive teams following a major merger, looking at diagnosing potential issues and recommendations for increasing resilience, honesty and development whilst reducing dissonance (without financial incentives).

In January 2016 Liza Walter-Nelson will be co presenting two conference sessions at the British Psychological Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference at the East Midlands Conference Centre (6th -8th), as well as chairing sessions during the event. The theme for this conference is “Resilience in a challenging world”, and Liza’s presentations will cover working with executives during merger and helping leadership teams build stability and consistency.

Later in January 2016, Liza will be supporting students by presenting at a careers session for graduate psychologists at the University of Portsmouth, discussing the route she took becoming a chartered psychologist and Associate Fellow of the BPS, as well as the necessary interaction with wider psychological disciplines and human resources professionals in order to really be an effective practitioner.